Maitencillo, Chile

Published on 3 March 2024 at 09:00

Finn has eaten so many palta (avocado) since we have been here! I asked for an ensalada with avocado and tomatoes and it came out just palta! Finn yells, YES, I'll eat all of that salad!

After spending several days at Zapallar and dragging the boys on long hikes, we finally left and headed to a surfing town 20 miles South of Zapallar. We are renting an air BnB directly across the street from the beach. The weather is perfect - high of 70's and low in the 60's. The ocean temperature is 18.1 degrees celsius which is 64.6 F. Every morning there is a nice fog across the sea from the cold ocean. It usually burns off early afternoon and then becomes really warm and sunny! Days at this beach town usually don't start until around noon and everyone stays in the water until dark - which is about 9 pm. This time of year the sun doesn't set until really late! Our boys have adapted fairly well - we are staying up later but they are actually sleeping in until 8:30 or 9 am! We have been enjoying the area - hiking a lot with the boys. Finn made it 8 miles the other day. We hiked one way from Zapallar to another small town called Cachagua. In Cachagua, we got a late lunch, Nash took a nap (of course) and then attempted to get an Uber for our return trip home. Not sure if we didn't have cell service or if the Uber app wasn't working but needless to say we were unable to catch a ride. We asked the staff at the restaurant where we had lunch about the buses. We have seen different town buses riding around but had no idea about the stops or schedules. The waiter told us the bus comes every now and then... Not really any set schedule. So we went to the nearest bus stop and waited. About 15 minutes later and open air small bus shows up so we all hop on. As we are riding on this bus we notice it is heading in the opposite direction of Zapallar. We ask a young boy where this bus is going? He tells us in Spanish it just drops you off at the beaches in the town. Paul translates with him and ask which bus to take to get back to Zapallar. He tells us it is a much larger and closed bus. We get off at the next stop and wait for another bus. Finn and I decide to make the 4 mile trek back to Zapallar while Paul and Nash decide to take a gamble on the bus. I told Finn we were racing Dad and Nash! He took it serious and ran half the way back! I was working hard to keep up with him among all the boulder hopping we had to do! Paul and Nash made it back in about 45 minutes while Finn and I took around 2 hours! We lost the race but had the best time! Finn was rock climbing, running, jumping and enjoying the amazing views of the ocean. 

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