Hi y'all! In case you didn't know, we are taking a year off to go explore the world. Our upcoming plans begin with flying out of New York on September 17th to Zanzibar, Tanzania. We will spend 7 days in Zanzibar. Then we are flying into the Northern Serengeti to see the Great Migration. We will be traveling around Tanzania for about 3 weeks and ending in Kilimanjaro. From Kilimanjaro, we fly up to Doha, Qatar on October 10th. We are hanging out at the Marriott hotel in Doha for a week to allow Paul to catch up on work, the kids to enjoy the pools and wifi (finally)! On October 17th we fly from Doha, Qatar to Windhoek, Namibia. We are renting a car and exploring Namibia on our own for over 3 weeks. We will end our trip crossing over the boarder into Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. On November 6th we fly from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to Cape Town, South Africa. We will spend 3 days in Cape Town exploring the coast, seeing penguins and exploring the wine lands. Finally on November 9th we hop on a plane heading back to Doha, Qatar. We will spend around 24 hours in Doha to let the kids run around and re-group (after that long 14 hour flight before getting on the next 12-13 hour flight). We land back in New York on November 11th! 

The boys are excited but do have concerns - In the middle of the night, Nash woke up and reminded me to make sure I packed toilet paper for Africa. Later that same night, somewhere around 3 am, he woke up to let me know that lions have sharp claws and could pop the tires on our car. The lions could also jump up and break the glass in our windows because they are very strong (says Nash).  I'm just happy Nash is having some actual thoughts about danger! This is a new thing!