Park City

Park City, Utah

So, we got home from Africa sometime in November. We spent the holidays at home and with family. Since then we had to change up some plans because of work and life! We flew to Park City, Utah in mid January. Paul and I lived in Utah for over 16 years and we did more "tourist" activities in these 10 days than we did in our 16 years combined! We had an amazing time, loved seeing Aunt Julie and Uncle Chris at the Sundance Film Festival. We extended our trip so we could hang out with our best friend Jenn! The boys took ski and snowboard lessons, went snowmobiling, hiked in the snow and got our fill of winter activities.

Last weekend we took the boys up to Olympic Park in Park City to check out the museum. At the museum the boys got to see actual olympic bobsleds and learn about the history of skiing and mining in Park City. While we were about to leave, Paul decided to ask the welcome desk if there was any activities going on today. The nice lady told us that an areal competition was happening currently and so we wondered out to watch. We some how ended up directly in front of the jump and watching the competition with the Ukraine team. We learned that all these teams are from the Olympics and training for the next winter Olympics. When the announcer said the next competitor was from the US, Nash starts chanting loudly "USA, USA, USA" directly behind the Ukraine team. Meanwhile, Finn reads the team jacket and asks "Is Ukraine still at war with Russia". I quietly reply, yes. He goes on to say, "Wow, that war has been going on for a long time now". I'm sure my face was bright red with fear that these athletes were hearing our conversation. After watching several different countries compete, the boys were getting cold and tired so we decided to take off. As we were about to leave, Finn went up to one of the Ukraine skiers and asks if he would take a picture with him. At first I thought the guy was not happy, but then we realized he was super excited. He did not speak any English and was super surprised someone wanted to take a picture with him. Finn was so excited and yells "I got my picture taken with a real Olympic athlete!" 





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