Don't let all the crystal blue waters fool you... New Zealand was beautiful, magical and wonderful but we did have our ups and downs... Both kids got car sick several times, Nash threw up all over himself and Grammy in our giant 12 passenger Hertz rental van. That van probably still smells like vomit even after all the bleach we used to spray the smell away. 

I had my first root canal in Queenstown... I was having trouble enjoying my morning lattes for about a week. After we did a 5 mile hike with the kids in tow, I stopped by a dentist office on my way home. Expecting to just have a small thing, he told me I had an infection and needed immediate treatment. 2 hours later I had experienced my first (and hopefully last) root canal. 

Also, the boys definitely left their "mark" in multiple public locations. We had to make several "pit" stops on the side of the road because they give us about a 10 second warning before they needed to take a massive poop. "Can you wait 10 minutes to the next bathroom"?  "No, I have to go NOW!"  How is that possible? How can one tiny person possibly poop so much? 

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