Maji - Swahili for water

Published on 23 September 2023 at 18:50

Today we decided to go with our friends older brother to the Sand Banks. It's an island that forms off the coast during low tide. We were a little hesitant because the winds had picked up and the waves were choppy. We asked our friend if he had life jackets for the kids and he said, "yes of course". Well, here are the pictures from our trip to the Sand Bank! It was the clearest water you can imagine and you can see Kenya off in the distant. 


Our boat and the "kids" life jackets!

Of course Nash fell asleep!!!!

The boys did have the best time running and catching crabs on the Sand Bank! Finn made a crab habitat from a Fanta bottle and collected several small crabs! Nash, of course, is not afraid to catch the BIG crabs with his hands! Paul is yelling, "they are going to bite you"! I said, "Let them bite him and maybe he will learn a lesson. These things can't kill you unlike the rest of the animals we are about to encounter"!! 

After we left the Sand Bank, we explored the garden at our resort! It was amazing to see all the fruits and veggies they are growing for the restaurant at our hotel.

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Bob Bob
9 months ago

I’m loving your blog, both the pictures and the written stories are amazing.

Karen Mary Schaefer
8 months ago

Water, you're speaking my language!

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