Hyena vs Warthog

Published on 1 October 2023 at 07:46

Today we flew from the northern Serengeti to the central Serengeti. As we were landing on our 8 passenger plane, I saw a hyena on the side of our landing runway. Once we got off our plane, it was insanely windy! Dry, dusty and crazy windy! Our guide picked us up and we were off!

Within 10 minutes of leaving the airport, we saw 2 lazy brother lions sleeping after eating a wildebeest. One of the lions kept scratching his face on the tree. He stood up once and you could see how big and magnificent he truly was! 

After watching the lazy lions for a while, we decided to venture on. Next we saw a couple of massive bachelor elephants just a few feet away! The females and young stay together but once the boys become a certain age, they venture out alone as bachelors. 

We continued on down the dry, dirty bumpy, dusty road when Paul spotted a hyena. The hyena was laying down in a small water hole. As we got closer, we noticed 2 warthogs behind the hyena! Paul and I both said, wow, the hyena is going to kill the warthog! The closer we drove the more hyenas we saw! Our guide told us this is a hyena den. At least 20 hyenas were laying in the mud or around the water hole! The warthogs slowly creeped up on their space. We thought for sure, the hyenas would attack. To our surprise, the hyenas jumped up and ran away from the warthog! Soon, the 2 warthogs had taken over the watering hole! How can so many vicious hyenas be afraid of 2 small warthogs? Our guide explained that the warthogs tusks are extremely strong and dangerous. The hyenas are terrified of the warthogs!!! 

After this we slowly moved on. We did see a momma hyena and her baby feeding on the skull of a wildebeest. We watched them crunch down for while before moving on. We came back to our new camp to eat lunch and rest. This camp has no running water, no electricity and guarded by Maasai warriors. We can hear the hyenas screaming at the moment. Also, we were warned not to leave anything outside, even our shoes, because the hyenas will take them off.

After lunch, we took off again to the hippo pool! This is something I have never seen before! We saw at least over 100 hippos in this area all making noises, yawing, pooping, and blowing their noses! It was truly incredible to see! If you ever come to the central Serengeti, I highly recommend going to the hippo pool! The boys loved watching the baby hippo follow it’s mom!

We are currently in our tent and the boys are playing Lego’s! They have had a long, hard day but are doing amazing!! 

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9 months ago

I can smell that hippo pool from here! And I love Nashie's shirt "Wasn't me". That tent looks very rustic, like camping in the old days before we bought the RV.

Karen Mary Schaefer
9 months ago

Aloha Guys!
I'm wondering about the temperatures...is it very, very hot? Does it cool down at night?
Also curious about the...various smells....of the heat, mud, animals...just wondering...
Are there mosquitos?
Are you guys returning to the tent each night?
At night, what can you hear? Do you feel safe in just the tent?
Wondering.....as I live vicariously through your adventure!