Doha, Qatar

Published on 11 October 2023 at 12:42

Today we had a wonderful goodbye from all our Maasai friends! They really wanted the boys to stay. We told them to turn them into Maasai warriors by Christmas when we would come back to pick them up. 


We drove another long, rough, dirty and dusty one lane path for 2 hours back to Arusha. We had several traffic jams of herds of cows blocking the road and a giraffe crossing in front of us. The Maasai children were having to take their cattle, goats, or sheep to get water from a nearby river, some walking up to 10 miles. Once we finally got to our hotel, all of us were extremely happy to take a shower and get all the dust and dirt off of us. We stayed at Rivertrees Country Inn and got to see tons of monkeys playing in the trees and on the roof of our cottage. 


We woke up at 5 am to head to the airport to catch our flight to Doha, Qatar. The flight and all was uneventful and surprisingly easy! Customs at Doha was a breeze! Super high tech, modern city- we had to have finger scans and pictures taken but only of me and Paul. The boys were sad they didn't get to partake in this! After we got our bags and all, we hopped into our Uber to head to the hotel. At first, our Uber driver seemed almost mad, unfriendly and rude. After riding in silence for about 10 minutes, Paul finally got him to talk. He was from Pakistan and has only been in Qatar for 2 months. He doesn't understand any English and we, unfortunately, don't speak Arabic. He was super kind and apologized several times for not being able to speak English. 


Qatar has only been a nation for 50 years. 95% of its workforce is from immigrants. It holds 10% of the entire worlds natural gas production. Paul and I both say it reminds us of Las Vegas but a PG version- no alcohol,  no casinos and no strippers. The hotels and restaurants are very similar to the fake Vegas style world and of course, it's blazing hot! Several people told us it has cooled down this week - it's only 101 or 102! I can not imagine how hot it was last week with temperatures reaching 112 degrees! 

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