Above the Falls

Published on 4 November 2023 at 13:28

Today we did a zip line course over Victoria Falls gorge. The minimum age for this activity is 6 years old so we didn't think Nash would be able to partake on this adventure. When we got up to the counter, the man helping us asked how old the boys are. Finn proudly says "I'm 7 years old and he's 4 years old". He proceeds to tell us all the various activities they offer: bungy jumping, gorge swinging, flying fox, white water rafting, etc. When we asked about the zip line, he says "He's big enough" referring to Nash only being 4 years old. We had 9 total zip lines to complete the course and of course the boys loved this! We spent over an hour doing the zip line tour over the falls. At one point, Nash is laying on his back with both hands in the air spinning in circles screaming "yahooooooo". At the end of the course, we got to hike up for about 20 minutes out of the gorge area. We decided to have lunch and a rest break at the cafe here that over looks the falls. 

After lunch we came back to the hotel and took it easy for a few hours. At 4:30 we did a boat safari from our hotel. We felt like we were on a real life jungle cruise boat. Only 10 other people on board plus the captain and his first mate. We were offered several amazing snacks and plenty of drinks during our cruise. We went around an island that is officially Zambia. On this island we saw a huge herd of elephants, at least 50, leaving the island and heading back to the mainland. We were fortunate enough to watch this herd actually swim. I didn't know that elephants are surprisingly incredible swimmers! We also got to see several hippos, some crocodiles, tons of birds and a beautiful sunset.  Some of the hippos were playing in the water while some were fighting. Those big guys can really move if they want to!


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8 months ago

What a gorgeous place (haha)
Really is stunningly beautiful plus an adventure for the kids zip lining pretty cool! That elephant crossing is so close

Meg and Josiah Gambino
6 months ago

Wow! This looks so awesome. Josiah said he’s proud of them for doing that whole zip line course!