It is Nature

Published on 29 September 2023 at 07:26

"It is Nature" this is a phrase that Paul and I heard on our first trip to Tanzania a lot. The boys quickly became acquainted with this phrase on Day 2 of our Safari. After a day of seeing amazing animals, when Finn and Nash are awake we can ask them for a detailed list because they have been counting and writing down the sightings. 

After a 9 hour game drive, we were on our way back to our camp. In the distance we noticed a huge herd of wildebeest in the distance. Suddenly, we saw a small group of them running franticly in the distance. As we approached, Simel saw a hyena chasing the wildebeest. Suddenly the hyena grabbed a baby wildebeest from behind. The hyena kept trying to take down the baby as it was trying to escape. The cries and sounds of the other wildebeest will be something NONE of us will ever forget. The hyena kept gnawing and chewing on the baby as it was hollering and still trying to escape. Suddenly, more and more hyenas kept approaching and attacking the baby. It was a blood bath. We saw red blood coming down the faces of the hyena. Finn was crying and asking us to help the baby. Nash held up his finger gun trying to shoot the hyena to save the baby. We explained to the boys: the hyenas have babies too that have to eat food. Sometimes it is brutal, but in the end, the hyena and other predators bodies became the grass and all the antelope and wildebeest eat the grass. This is the circle of life and we can not interfere. 


After all crying and leaving the brutal blood bath, everyone was a little shaken. It was dark at this point and we had to get back to camp. If you are outside camp after dark, the park ranger will give you a fine. As we are driving swiftly to return to camp, we almost hit a lion! It was a male lion that all of us had seen earlier in the day. He was walking around making a "calling" sound to find his other pride members. It was so unreal to see and hear his call. 


I must say, the BEST compliment I have ever been given was from our guide, Simel. Simel has a son that is 1 year and 4 months old. He told us, he hopes his son grows up to be the kind of children our boys are. He says, "they are amazing, so smart and so wonderful"! Sorry to brag on our children but to hear a Maasai Warrior say he wants his son to be like our boys is the greatest compliment we could ever receive. I'm so proud of the boys- they are truly amazing and we love sharing this travel experience with them!

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10 months ago

Maybe our boys will grow up to be Masai warriers? I'm sure Simel gives that complement to every kid!!

10 months ago

It’s amazing that the boys are getting this experience, I can’t imagine that many of the tourists the Masai interact with are as young as them. I know the boys are very respectful and that makes them great ambassadors.
The experience with the wildebeest, must have been so scary for them, but a great life learning moment.

10 months ago

I’m glad you didn’t share pix of the bloodbath!
The kids have a great combination of curiosity and politeness and great to have that recognized by Simel

Karen Mary Schaefer
10 months ago

I also think that Finn and Nash are amazing!!!! They are!!!
Ooooooh....the bloodbath would have been very hard to see!