Ranger Runaway

Published on 30 September 2023 at 02:22

After an awesome morning of watching a leopard hang out near its recent kill, we decided to take our chances on catching another wildebeest crossing of the Mara River. The boys patiently waited for 3-4 hours while reading books and doing school work. Their patience was paid off with one of natures amazing sites! We saw hundreds of wildebeest cross the croc invested Mara River. We were in an amazing position for the boys to catch all the action. The crossing was almost over when our guide, Semil, told us it was time to go. The local park ranger was walking around taking pictures of everyones license plate to give ticekts to people interfering with the path of the wildebeest. As all the other drives chased off, we asked Semil why he wasn't going faster. He said to us, "I have done nothing wrong, therefor  I am not guilty. If you run away, you look guilty." 


It was amazing! The boys loved the chase and escaping the park ranger. Simel even stopped to try and help out his friends that were next to us at the crossing. The park ranger told Simel to go away and he was not in trouble. 

After this amazing crossing we headed back to camp. While we were on our way home, we saw several lions and hundreds of zebras. 

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10 months ago

I am amazed at how full your days are and how much the boys are getting to see and experience. I love that Nash can find his places to nap, wherever he is. The pictures are really great. Thanks for keeping us so up to date.

Karen Mary Schaefer
10 months ago

Love the amazing photos!
Love the pics of the boys, and glad to see them doing some "school" work....
They are actually experiencing learning in the most amazing school of all: nature!